Metal Posts and Drills

Complete endodontic post system for all indications

ParaPost X is a universal endodontic post system for direct post and core build-ups as well as all casting techniques. The standardized system of post and compatible drill consists of seven sizes including two intermediate sizes.

  • Endodontic post system for all direct and casting techniques
  • Non-end cutting, depth-calibrated drills for precise canal preparation
  • Patented, x-shape retention pattern for improved retention, cement venting and resistance to rotation

ParaPost XT

Ideal for applications where very high mechanical grip is required.

ParaPost XH

Ideal or easy core build-up applications.

ParaPost Drills Parallel

Cylindrical standard drills suitable for all parallel ParaPosts systems.

TENAX Wurzelstifte

Cylindro-conical, passive post system