• ROEKO GuttaFlow® bioseal

    Doppelte Sicherheitsstufe - Bioaktives Versiegeln und Füllen




Obturation systems for root canals

COLTENE offers various obturation systems for safe and efficient filling and sealing of root canals. The user can choose between two-in-one cold filling systems with or without bioceramics or a two-component root canal filling paste, which is suitable for all guttapercha obturation techniques.
  • Time-efficient application
  • Excellent flow properties and radiopacity
  • Tight sealing

ROEKO GuttaFlow 2

Two-in-one cold filling system for optimal expansion and adhesion in the root canal.

ROEKO GuttaFlow bioseal

Two-in-one cold filling system with bioceramics which supports regeneration in the root canal by increasing the pH.

MicroMega MM-Seal

MicroMega MM-Seal is a high quality, epoxy resin-based paste/paste sealer for permanent filling of root canals.