Root canal obturation

Date Produit Description
10/2023 GuttaFlow bioseal Biocompatibility of three different root canal sealers, experimental study
10/2023 GuttaFlow bioseal Guttapercha Improves In Vitro Bioactivity and Dentin Remineralization Ability of a Bioglass Containing Polydimethylsiloxane-Based Root Canal Sealer
02/2023 GuttaFlow bioseal Cytotoxicity comparison of Bio C Sealer against multiple root canal sealers
03/2023 ROEKO GuttaFlow 2 Effect of Different Sealers on the Cytocompatibility and Osteogenic Potential of Human Periodontal Ligament Stem Cells: An In Vitro Study
10/2022 GuttaFlow bioseal Evaluation of the Sealing Ability and Bond Strength of Two Endodontic Root Canal Sealers: An In Vitro Study
09/2022 GuttaFlow bioseal The Influence of the Matrix on the Apatite-Forming Ability of Calcium Containing Polydimethylsiloxane-Based Cements for Endodontics
07/2022 ROEKO GuttaFlow Bioseal Comparative Evaluation of Apical Sealing Efficacy of Guttaflow Bioseal, Super-Bond Rc Sealer and Adseal Root Canal Sealer
04/2022 Guttaflow 2 Comparison of Two Root Canal Filling Techniques: Obturation with Guttacore Carrier Based System and Obturation with Guttaflow2 Fluid Gutta-Percha
01/2022 GuttaFlow bioseal A novel modified obturation technique using biosealers: An ex vivo study
12/2021 GuttaFlow 2 Comparative Evaluation of Cytotoxic and Genotoxic Effects of Three Resin-Based Sealers by 3,(4,5-Dimethylthiazol-2-yl)-2,5-Diphenyltetrazolium Bromide Assay and Comet Assay – An In Vitro Study
10/2021 GuttaFlow 2 Comparison of Root Filling Quality of Two Types of Single Cone-Based Canal Filling Methods in Complex Root Canal Anatomies: The Ultrasonic Vibration and Thermo-Hydrodynamic Obturation versus Single-Cone Technique
04/2021 GuttaFlow Bioseal Comparison of Sealing Ability of Bioceramic Sealer, AH Plus, and GuttaFlow in Conservatively Prepared Curved Root Canals Obturated with Single-Cone Technique: An In vitro Study
02/2021 GuttaFlow 2 Characterization of a clonal human periodontal ligament stem cell line exposed to methacrylate resin-, bioactive glass-, or silicon-based root canal sealers
02/2021 GuttaFlow bioseal Conservative shaping combined with three-dimensional cleaning can be a powerful tool: Case series
09/2020 GuttaFlow bioseal GuttaFlow® Bioseal Cytotoxicity Assessment: In Vitro Study
09/2020 GuttaFlow bioseal Sealing Ability of AH Plus and GuttaFlow Bioseal
09/2020 Guttaflow 2 Filling of small oval root canals: influence of sealer placement and filling technique
04/2020 GuttaFlow bioseal Immunoinflammatory response and bioactive potential of GuttaFlow bioseal and MTA Fillapex in the rat subcutaneous tissue
03/2020 GuttaFlow bioseal Dentin moisture conditions strongly influence its interactions with bioactive root canal sealers
02/2020 GuttaFlow bioseal Do Contaminating Substances Influence the Rheological Properties of Root Canal Sealers?
12/2019 GuttaFlow bioseal Biocompatibility of Root Canal Sealers: A Systematic Review of In Vitro and In Vivo Studies
08/2019 GuttaFlow bioseal Effect of sonic and ultrasonic activation on physicochemical properties of root canal sealers
07/2019 GuttaFlow 2 / GuttaFlow bioseal Quality of Root Filling after Obturation with Gutta-percha and 3 Different Sealers of Minimally Instrumented Root canals of the Maxillary First Molar.
04/2019 GuttaFlow bioseal Retreatability of two hydraulic calcium silicate-based root canal sealers using rotary instrumentation with supplementary irrigant agitation protocols: A laboratory-based micro-computed tomographic analysis.
01/2019 GuttaFlow bioseal Biocompatibility of a bioceramic silicone-based sealer in subcutaneous tissue.
01/2019 GuttaFlow bioseal GuttaFlow Bioseal promotes spontaneous differentiation of human periodontal ligament stem cells into cementoblast-like cells
12/2018 PulpGuard PulpGuard - Effects of a New Bioceramic Material on Human Apical Papilla Cells
11/2018 GuttaFlow bioseal Dissolution and mineralization characterization of bioactive glass ceramic containing endodontic sealer Guttaflow Bioseal
10/2018 GuttaFlow 2 Novel endodontic sealers induced satisfactory tissue response in mice
04/2018 GuttaFlow 2 Assessment of cell viability in four novel endodontic sealers
01/2018 GuttaFlow 2 Scanning electron microscopic evaluation of marginal adaptation of AH-Plus, GuttaFlow, and RealSeal at apical one-third of root canals - Part I: Dentine-sealer interface.
01/2018 GuttaFlow 2 Scanning electron microscopic evaluation of marginal adaptation of AH-Plus, GuttaFlow, and RealSeal at apical one-third of root canals - Part II: Core-sealer interface.
12/2017 GuttaFlow 2 Comparative evaluation of fracture resistance of root canals obturated with four different obturating systems
10/2017 GuttaFlow bioseal Physicochemical Properties and Volumetric Change of Silicone/ Bioactive Glass and Calcium Silicate-based Endodontic Sealers.
08/2017 GuttaFlow bioseal In Vitro Cytotoxicity of GuttaFlow Bioseal, GuttaFlow 2, AH-Plus and MTA Fillapex
07/2017 GuttaFlow bioseal Evaluation of Different Techniques for Filling Simulated C-shaped Canals of 3-dimensional Printed Resin Teeth.
05/2017 GuttaFlow bioseal Cytotoxicity of GuttaFlow Bioseal, GuttaFlow2, MTA Fillapex, and AH Plus on Human Periodontal Ligament Stem Cells.
01/2017 GuttaFlow 2 Neurotoxicity evaluation of three root canal sealers on cultured rat trigeminal ganglion neurons.
12/2016 GuttaFlow 2 Biological Tissue Response to a New Formulation of a Silicone Based Endodontic Sealer
08/2016 GuttaFlow 2 A comparison of apical sealing ability between GuttaFlow and AH plus: An in vitro study
05/2016 GuttaFlow bioseal Properties of a novel polysiloxane-guttapercha calcium silicate-bioglass-containing root canal sealer.
01/2016 GuttaFlow bioseal Dentinal tubule penetration of AH Plus, iRoot SP, MTA fillapex, and guttaflow bioseal root canal sealers after different final irrigation procedures: A confocal microscopic study.
12/2015 GuttaFlow 2 Cytotoxicity and gelatinolytic activity of a new silicon-based endodontic sealer.
08/2014 GuttaFlow 2 In vitro cytotoxicity of guttaflow 2 on human gingival fibroblasts.
06/2014 RoekoSeal Wetting behaviour of silicone- and resin-based root canal sealers.
05/2014 RoekoSeal An ex vivo evaluation of the sealing ability of polydimethylsiloxane-based root canal sealers.
04/2014 RoekoSeal Setting time affects in vitro biological properties of root canal sealers.
02/2014 GuttaFlow 2 A novel GuttaFlow sealer supports cell survival and attachment.
01/2014 RoekoSeal 3D analyses of interface voids in root canals filled with different sealer materials in combination with warm gutta-percha technique.
09/2013 GuttaFlow 2 Qualitative and quantitative comparative evaluation of sealing ability of guttaflow, thermoplasticized gutta percha and lateral compaction for root canal obturation: a cohort, controlled, ex-vivo study.
06/2013 RoekoSeal Heat conductive properties of set root canal sealers.
05/2013 RoekoSeal Antibacterial effect of different root canal sealers on three bacterial species.
01/2013 RoekoSeal Long-term cytotoxic effects of contemporary root canal sealers.
08/2012 RoekoSeal An agar diffusion study comparing the antimicrobial activity of Nanoseal with some other endodontic sealers.
11/2011 GuttaFlow 2 A SEM evaluation of dentinal adaptation of root canal obturation with GuttaFlow and conventional obturating material.
09/2011 RoekoSeal Distribution of RoekoSeal sealer applied by three obturation techniques.
07/2011 RoekoSeal Cytotoxicity of 5 endodontic sealers on L929 cell line and human dental pulp cells.
05/2011 RoekoSeal Preliminary study of the inflammatory response to subcutaneous implantation of three root canal sealers.
05/2011 GuttaFlow 2 The sealing ability of a new silicone-based root canal filling material (GuttaFlow): an in vitro study using the percentage of gutta-percha-filled area.
02/2011 RoekoSeal Evaluation of physicochemical properties of four root canal sealers.
02/2011 GuttaFlow 2 Evaluation of physicochemical properties of four root canal sealers.
11/2010 GuttaFlow 2 Analysis of sealing ability of root canal sealers using scanning electronic microscopy technique.
05/2010 GuttaFlow 2 Coronal microleakage in root canals obturated with lateral compaction, warm vertical compaction and guttaflow system.
10/2009 RoekoSeal Comparing subcutaneous tissue responses to freshly mixed and set root canal sealers.
08/2009 GuttaFlow 2 Clinical evaluation of root canal obturation of GuttaFlow
07/2008 RoekoSeal A comparison study of periapical repair in dogs' teeth using RoekoSeal and AH plus root canal sealers: a histopathological evaluation.
01/2008 RoekoSeal Toxicity evaluation of root canal sealers in vitro.
10/2007 RoekoSeal Microbial leakage and apical inflammatory response in dog's teeth after root canal filling with different sealers, post space preparation and exposure to the oral environment.
10/2007 RoekoSeal The sealing ability of GuttaFlow in oval-shaped canals: an ex vivo study using a polymicrobial leakage model.
06/2007 GuttaFlow 2 A l2-month longitudinal in vitro leakage study on a new silicon-based root canal filling material (Gutta-Flow).
05/2007 RoekoSeal Cytotoxicity of new resin-, calcium hydroxide- and silicone-based root canal sealers on fibroblasts derived from human gingiva and L929 cell lines.
01/2007 RoekoSeal Influence of moisture on the apical seal of root canal fillings with five different types of sealer.
01/2007 RoekoSeal The effect of three different sealers on the radiopacity of root fillings in simulated canals.
07/2006 RoekoSeal Assessment of antibacterial activity of EndoREZ.
06/2006 RoekoSeal Evaluation of the influence of smear layer on the apical and coronal sealing ability of two sealers.
03/2006 RoekoSeal Dissolving efficacy of organic solvents on root canal sealers.
12/2005 RoekoSeal The influence of smear layer and different sealers on apical microleakage of root canals obturated with Ultrafil-3D system
04/2005 RoekoSeal The cytotoxicity of RoekoSeal and AH plus compared during different setting periods.
07/2004 RoekoSeal Evaluation of the influence of smear layer on the apical and coronal sealing ability of two sealers.
04/2004 RoekoSeal Cytotoxicity and sealing properties of four classes of endodontic sealers evaluated by succinic dehydrogenase activity and confocal laser scanning microscopy.
01/2004 RoekoSeal In vitro antibacterial activities of root-canal sealers by using two different methods.
10/2003 RoekoSeal Solubility of root-canal sealers in water and artificial saliva.
09/2003 RoekoSeal Adhesion of endodontic sealers: scanning electron microscopy and energy dispersive spectroscopy.
09/2003 RoekoSeal In vitro evaluation of the dissolving effect of solvents on root canal sealers.
07/2003 RoekoSeal A new silicon-based root canal sealer (Roekoseal-Automix).
12/2002 RoekoSeal A quantitative evaluation of apical leakage of four root-canal sealers.
10/2002 RoekoSeal An 18-month longitudinal study on a new silicon-based sealer, RSA RoekoSeal: a leakage study in vitro.
10/2002 RoekoSeal The effects of dentine pretreatment on the adhesion of root-canal sealers.