• Endodonzia


Surgitip product family for precise aspiration in surgery and endodontics

For suction, COLTENE offers Surgitip aspirator tips as proven aids in drying the oral field of treatment in surgery and endodontics. They are intended for low volume aspiration of liquid and solid substances and enable aspiration in restricted dental operating environment. Their specific design make them suitable for working under microscope and loupe. Hygienic handling properties and ease of use make them an enjoyable device in the dental office.
  • The green tip provides excellent contrast for precise aspiration
  • Open field of view due to the narrow shape and conical tip
  • Hygienic and time-saving, being sterile, individually packaged and ready for immediate use
  • Various aspirator diameters for a wide range of treatments

ROEKO Surgitip-endo

Surgitip-endo is an aspirating tip specially designed to dry root canals. The design of the suction tip allows for a multi-directional flexibility and Surgitip can easily be introduced into hard-to-reach root canals without having to bend the canal tip.