Hand Files

Reliable stainless steel files for root canal debridement

MicroMega H-Files, K-Files and K-Reamers are the most commonly used hand files for root canal debridement. The stainless steel hand files are manufactured in France and all /.02 tapered, packed in sterile blisters of 6, they are available in various tip diameters.

  • Ready to use pre-sterilized instruments
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Radiopaque silicone stop

MicroMega H-Files

MicroMega H-Files enlarge the root canal and remove debris from the apex to the coronal part with high efficiency.

MicroMega K-Files

MicroMega K-Files help initial tactile scouting of the root canal anatomy.

MicroMega K-Reamers

MicroMega K-Reamers, thanks to their square cross-section, are perfectly designed for root canal enlargement with an efficient cutting ability.