Growth strategy

As a worldwide and highly innovative developer, manufacturer and provider of dental consumables, COLTENE pursues a broadly-based growth strategy. The wide product range allows COLTENE to enter new global markets with targeted product offerings. Through acquisitions and partnerships, COLTENE will continue to further strengthen its technological competence and geographic reach.

The essential growth drivers of the dental market include:

  • increasing adoption of dental insurance coverage,
  • increasing importance of dental health as a factor in overall well-being,
  • globally growing need for high-quality, aesthetic dentistry,
  • increasing life expectancy should double the number of 50 to 80 years olds with natural dentition by 2030.
  • Significantly expanding middle class in emerging markets due to growing global population and rising incomes. In countries such as China, India and Brazil, the population could grow by more than 1 billion by 2030, and approximately 20 percent of this expanded market will have access to modern dental treatments.