• A small step for dentists
    A great step for dentistry

    The first A-Silicone has been modernized


PRESIDENT The Original

A small step for dentists. A great step for dentistry.

The introduction of PRESIDENT in 1975 – the first A-Silicone in the market – is considered a milestone in the development of high-precision dental impression materials. Through continuous development, the PRESIDENT brand continues to impress with its remarkable quality.

The new, high pigmented colours of the PRESIDENT the Original line provide better contrast and show every detail, even before the impression is poured. All consistencies offer excellent flow properties in a moist environment.

PRESIDENT The Original Xtra Light Body

PRESIDENT the Original Xtra Light Body is a light-flowing material that can easily capture the smallest marginal details.

PRESIDENT The Original Light Body

SIDENT the Original Light body is characterized by its excellent flow properties and viscosity. As a real all-rounder it is suitable for any impression technique.

PRESIDENT The Original Regular Body

PRESIDENT the Original Regular Body is a medium-flowing material which is very suitable for the double mixing technique due to its stability.

PRESIDENT The Original System 360 MonoBody

PRESIDENT the Original MonoBody is ideally suited for implant and/or single-phase impressions due to its adapted flow properties. It is available in 5:1 cartridges for use in the Automix System.

PRESIDENT The Original Heavy Body

PRESIDENT the Original Heavy Body is a viscous tray material available in 75ml cartridges for use with a dispenser and 5:1 cartridges for use in the Automix System. It can be easily inserted into the patient's mouth and therefore enables a very comfortable application.

PRESIDENT The Original Putties

PRESIDENT the Original Putties are kneadable, highly viscous tray materials. The remarkable recoverability of Putty Soft and Putty super soft results in highly precise impressions even in areas with strong undercuts.