Filling Materials

Date Product Description
02/2024 BRILLIANT Bulk Fill Flow Profiling Elastoplastic and Chemical Parameters to Assess Polymerization Quality in Flowable Bulk-Fill Composites
07/2023 Synergy D6 Flow A Study of the Peculiarities of the Formation of a Hybrid Interface Based on Polydopamine between Dental Tissues and Dental Composites, Using IR and Raman Microspectroscopy, at the Submicron Level
07/2022 SYNERGY D6 Finite element and in vitro study on biomechanical behavior of endodontically treated premolars restored with direct or indirect composite restorations
02/2022 Fill-Up! Aging-Dependent Changes in Mechanical Properties of the New Generation of Bulk-Fill Composites
12/2021 BRILLIANT EverGlow The effect of staining and bleaching on the color of two different types of composite restoration
05/2021 Brilliant Everglow Effect of finishing and polishing systems on the surface roughness and color change of composite resins
08/2018 BRILLIANT EverGlow Resin composite thickness' influence on L*a*b* coordinates and translucency
05/2018 Fill-Up! Scientic Documentation
03/2018 Fill-Up! Polymerization of Dual Cure and Photocuring Bulk-Fill Composites
12/2017 Fill-Up! Intrapulpal temperature changes during curing of bulk-fill materials
02/2016 Miris 2 Color stability of recent composite resins
10/2015 BRILLIANT NG BRILLIANT NG / A new methodology for fluorescence analysis of composite resins used in anterior direct restorations
10/2015 Fill-Up! A randomized controlled 30 years follow up of three conventional resin composites in Class II restorations
12/2014 Fill-Up! Bulk filling of Class II cavities with a dual-cure composite: Effect of curing mode and enamel etching on marginal adaptation
10/2014 Fill-Up! Marginal adaptation of bulk filler dual cured composites
09/2014 Miris 2 Change of optical properties of contemporary polychromatic resin composites after light curing and finishing
08/2014 Fill-Up! Physico-mechanical characteristics of commercially available bulk-fill composites
04/2014 Miris 2 Are linear elastic material properties relevant predictors of the cyclic fatigue resistance of dental resin composites?
11/2013 Miris 2 Change of optical properties of contemporary resin composites after one week and one month water ageing
02/2012 Miris 2 The mechanical stability of nano-hybrid composites with new methacrylate monomers for matrix compositions
10/2011 Miris 2 Marginal adaptation of large adhesive class IV composite restorations before and after artificial aging
12/2008 Miris 2 Slumping during sculpturing of composite materials
02/2006 Miris 2 A new shading concept based on natural tooth color applied to direct composite restorations
11/1999 BRILLIANT A three-year evaluation of restorations placed with a smear-layer-mediated dentin bonding agent in non-carious cervical lesions