Rinsing and Disinfection System

Saves time and improves outcomes

COLTENE has engineered colour-coded irrigation solutions and a suitable, modular system for safe and efficient filling of syringes to minimize the time spent on irrigation, giving you the best approach to cleansing canals and the best outcomes. In addition, an EDTA cream is also available for effective cleaning and shaping of the root canal system.
  • Time-saving syringe filling system
  • Improved safety thanks to the colour-coded irrigation system
  • Reliable solution for preventing contamination

CanalPro Irrigation Tips

CanalPro Irrigating Tip Family are ideal for irrigating canals, pockets and fistulas.

CanalPro Colour Syringes

Colour-coded syringes minimise the risk of mix-up for improved safety.

CanalPro SyringeFill

Modular system for safe and efficient filling of syringes with irrigation solutions.

CanalPro NaOCl

Recommended for irrigation and debridement of root canals during and after instrumentation.

CanalPro EDTA 17%

Removes smear layer and dentine mud.

CanalPro CHX 2%

Recommended for additional rinsing and during revisions.

CanalPro EndoUltra

The ultrasonic activation with the CanalPro EndoUltra provides for a high cleaning performance in an even shorter time.