BioSonic Ultrasonic Cleaning Solutions

The solution for your cleaning needs

A complete range of ultrasonic solution concentrates for use with all Ultrasonic Cleaning units.
  • Super concentrated
  • Super effective
  • Super convenient
  • Exclusive MeterDose® Bottles that dispense exactly the amount needed

BioSonic® Super Concentrate General Purpose Cleaning Solution

General Purpose Solution Concentrate in a MeterDose® bottle

BioSonic® General Purpose Cleaning Solution with Corrosion Protection

General Purpose Cleaning Solution in a dose packet

BioSonic® Enzymatic Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution Concentrate

Enzymatic Solution Concentrate in a MeterDose® bottle

BioSonic® Universal Ultrasonic Cleaning Concentrate Solution

Universal Ultrasonic Solution with effective formula for pre-cleaning and decontamination of dental instruments. 3-in-1 cleaning solution with enzymes and corrosion protection enabling effective removal of hardened debris and protein.