No compromise in function and aesthetics

The silicone-based gingival mask for precise reproduction of gingival contours around the margins maintains its accuracy for days and right up to the moment until the restoration is finished.

The GI-MASK family consists of the classical C-Silicone handmix GI-MASK and the A-Silicone GI-MASK Automix New Formula in cartridges.

The advantage of GI-MASK is the exclusive accessory system which offers accurate dispensing, neat mixing and simple application. Its short, time-saving setting time makes GI-Mask a unique aid for dental laboratories.

GI-MASK Automix New Formula
GI-MASK Automix New Formula provides accurate reproduction of soft tissue structure. The A-Silicone based gingival mask provides all information for implant supra-structures and frameworks. The aesthetic coloring of the gingival mask supports the clinical situation. It facilitates the preparation of esthetically excellent and perfectly functioning crown and bridge work. In addition it helps to prepare ideal conditions for periodontal hygiene.

GI-Mask 3D

Scannable gingiva mask for the precise reproduction of the periodontal situation


The GI-MASK is the silicone-based gingival mask for precise reproduction of gingival contours

GI-MASK Automix New Formula

Precise reproduction of the gingival soft tissue, interdental spaces and papilles.

GI-MASK Accessories

Trimmer for Silicones and Universal Separator