Small details, big impact

The HYGENIC wax portfolio offers different wax sizes and shapes for various indications. Users can chose between bite wafers, u-shaped occlusal rim wax, square wax ropes, round wax strips, wax sticks which can be used for undercuts of individual trays, bite registration, bite plane appliances etc.

HYGENIC yellow bite wax

Economical alternative to beeswax.

HYGENIC bite-wafers

This bite-mask contains a thin aluminium foil within two wax layers.

HYGENIC boxing wax

Designed for boxing impressions, withstands extreme heat given off by dental stone during setting.

HYGENIC medium-soft wax

Easily softened and cooled to minimize shrinkage. Soft modeling.

HYGENIC u-shaped occlusal rim wax

Recessed base aids adaption to base plate.

HYGENIC orthodontic tray wax

Sticky, soft and narrow wax ropes.

HYGENIC wax ropes

Sticky, soft and narrow wax ropes.

HYGENIC wax sticks

Readily formed without heating, sticks are softer and tackier than „Round Wax Strips" to minimize tissue displacement.

HYGENIC extra tough wax

Durable, all-purpose wax that is a carefully prepared blend of exclusive waxes.