• Conventional Composites
    • MIRIS2

      Composite restorations can be additionally refined by the targeted use of MIRIS2 effect shades. Depending on the case and indication, restorations can be individually characterized with the four effect shades Blue, White, White Opaque and Gold. Even in challenging cases, the dentist is able to create aesthetically high-quality solutions.


    • BRILLIANT EverGlow

      BRILLIANT EverGlow is the latest composite line of COLTENE. Developed to provide an ideal mixture of high, long-lasting gloss and shade aesthetics, handling convenience and durability, it is a true all-round material. BRILLIANT EverGlow complies with the VITA based duo shade system and is availabe in 3 opaque, 7 universal and 2 translucent shades as well as in a flowable consistency.


    • SYNERGY D6

      SYNERGY D6 is a nano-hybrid composite for everyday dentistry. The simple selection of shades is a special feature. SYNERGY D6 complies with the duo shade system. The product line is available in two consistencies.



      BRILLIANT NG is a universal composite aimed at simplifying the technique of application, achieving excellent aesthetic results. Its Duo Shade system allows it to obtain two shades from the same syringe, simplifying the selection of colour and inventory of syringes. The product line is available in two consistencies.


    • SYNERGY Nano Formula

      SYNERGY Nano Formula is a radiopaque, highly-filled, nano-hybrid composite. It is available in tips and two consistencies named SYNERGY Nano Formula Duo Shade and SYNERGY Nano Formula Compact.

      SYNERGY Nano Formula Duo Shade is a smooth universal composite, covering a wide spectrum of tooth shades thanks to the duo shade properties.

      SYNERGY Nano Formula Compact is a very strong material and will be produced until the end of 2019.


    • Composite Accessories

      Matrix bands (steel and transparent bands), dispenser for composite tips


  • Bulk-Fill Composite
  • CAD/CAM Solutions
  • Composite veneering system
  • Core build-up
  • Bondings
  • Etching gel
  • Temporary Material
  • Luting
  • Curing Lights
  • Characterisation
  • Parapulpal pins