Beauty made simple

SYNERGY D6 is a nano-hybrid composite for everyday dentistry. This universal composite is completely focused on simplifying shade selection without neglecting the aesthetic aspects.
A special feature is the duo-shade system which applies for 6 of the dentin shades. Thanks to the excellent optical self-blending properties one duo shade matches 2 Vita™ shades (e.g. A1/B1 or A2/B2). As a result a small number of shades is sufficient to cover a wide range of tooth shades. In total, the assortment of SYNERGY D6 offers 8 dentin shades and 2 enamel shades.
SYNERGY D6 Flow is the perfect complement to all other SYNERGY D6 products. The formula of Synergy D6 Flow is based on the technology of SYNERGY D6. It is flowable and easily used even in the tiniest cavities. The material is stable, yet flows gently under pressure to ensure easy handling and precision application.


Testimonial Martin B. Goldstein DMD, USA
„At least in the US, Synergy D6 may be dentistry's best kept secret. Having put this nano-hybrid to the test for the last few years I've come to depend upon its „dependibility". It handles beautifully, seamlessly blends into its surrounding tooth structure and manages not to be a „shrinking violet" upon curing; rarely a white line to be seen! While the complete kit contains six „duo" dentin shades and two enamel shades, 95% of the shade spectrum that one encounters is covered with ease. Did I mention that Synergy D6 polishes to a fine luster with the majority of house-old composite polishing tools? This composite is deserving of your consideration!"
Testimonial Johan Hartshorne, South Africa (B.Sc., B.Ch.D., M.Ch.D., M.P.A., Ph.D., FFPH.RCP (UK))

I´ve used Synergy D6 with pleasure and satisfaction. The material is very suitable in addition to filling material for cavities but also in correction of incisal attrition and erosive damages. Synergy D6 has strength enough to be used for building anterior guidance in canines. Esthetic demands are fullfilled by good colour metameria and polished surface. Material is easy to handle. Maarit Salonen-Kemppi, Finnland. PhD,DDS, Specialist in prosthodontics and stomatognathic treatment After experiencing various problems with previous composite systems, I decided that it was time to evaluate all the new generation composite systems available. Subsequently, I evaluated all the systems available in South Africa and decided to convert to Synergy D6 as this system met all my requirements; namely, perfect esthetics, excellent handling characteristics, good working time and does not react to fibre optic headlight. Overall the cost-effectiveness is the best available for a composite system in the dental market and a great material to work with. I have been using Synergy D6 composite for the past 6 months and can recommend it to all my colleagues.