For permanent retention in the most demanding indications

High quality self-threading parapulpal retention pins to provide a reliable link between restorative filling material and dentine. TMS pins are available as alpha-beta titanium alloy or gold plated stainless steel and four different sizes. The system is completed with the colour coded KODEX®-drills to ensure an optimal preparation of the canal.

Minuta Pink: 0.350 mm / .0135"
Minikin Red: 0.425 mm / .017"
Minim Silver: 0.525 mm / .021"
Regular Gold: 0.675 mm / .027"


TMS LINK PLUS pins offer smooth self-alignment, tapered pin end, shoulder stop and automatic shear-points. They are available as single pins or as convenient 2-in-1 pin system for a time saving placement. The pins can be mechanically installed.


The 2nd generation TMS pins can be mechanically installed and offer a ball joint link to the shank for a smooth self-alignment as well as a tapered pin end for an easier insertion. The TMS LINK pin is available as single pin or as convenient 2-in-1 system.


The 1st generation of TMS was conceived for manual insertion and is available as single pin or as convenient 2-in-1 system.


KODEX-Drills complete the TMS, TMS LINK and TMS LINK PLUS retention pin systems. A colour coding helps to select the appropriate size, thereby ensuring an optimal preparation of the canal.