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10/2023 HyFlex EDM Phase transformation and mechanical properties of heat-treated nickel-titanium rotary endodontic instruments at room and body temperatures
10/2023 GuttaFlow bioseal Biocompatibility of three different root canal sealers, experimental study
10/2023 GuttaFlow bioseal Guttapercha Improves In Vitro Bioactivity and Dentin Remineralization Ability of a Bioglass Containing Polydimethylsiloxane-Based Root Canal Sealer
09/2023 BRILLIANT Crios The effect of in-office bleaching agents on the Vickers hardness and surface topography of polished and unpolished CAD/CAM composite materials
09/2023 MicroMega One Shape Low cycle fatigue lifetime prediction of superplastic shape memory alloy structures: Application to endodontic instruments
07/2023 HyFlex Remover Does the presence of full-coverage crown interfere with removal of obturation material: A cone-beam computed tomography image segmentation volumetric analysis
03/2023 GuttaFlow 2 Effect of Different Sealers on the Cytocompatibility and Osteogenic Potential of Human Periodontal Ligament Stem Cells: An In Vitro Study
03/2023 CanalPro Jeni The effect of different kinematics on apical debris extrusion with a single-file system
10/2022 ParaPost Push-Out Bond Strength of Endodontic Posts Cemented to Extracted Teeth: An In-Vitro Evaluation
12/2022 Gelatamp Efficacy of gelatamp in controlling the postoperative sequelae following mandibular posterior teeth extraction - A split-mouth study
12/2022 AFFINIS Trueness of full-arch dental models obtained by digital and conventional impression techniques: an in vivo study