Research & Development

Innovation is key to success

Innovation is key to the success of COLTENE. Our continuous product improvements are driven by knowledge gained from well-established and ongoing dialogue with the world's leading specialists and opinion leaders, as well as practitioners.

Focus on state-of-the-art technology

It is our top priority to offer our customers state-of-the-art products. At our development centers in Cuyahoga Falls (Ohio, USA). Langenau (Germany) and Altstätten (Switzerland), we draw from the latest findings in polymer chemistry and materials science. Our products and technologies are protected by appropriate patents in order to secure and expand our leading position. A significant portion of the company's proceeds is invested in research and development.

COLTENE works closely with universities in addition to private and public dental research institutes in the areas of scientific research or materials science. COLTENE facilities are certified according to the international EN ISO 13485 standards.

Please address questions regarding research and development activities to:

Dr. Martin Schlüter
Vice President R&D / Innovation COLTENE Group